A. M. Kherbash

Amateur journalist Greg travels to a remote mountain area to investigate rumors of a sinister building only to find himself imprisoned there. As he tries to escape, he evinces symptoms of a strange affliction, and struggles to remain conscious while maintaining an uncertain hold on reality.


Title: Lesath

Pages: 254 (Paperback) / 268 (Hardback)

Genre: Psychological Horror, Thriller, Weird Fiction

Release Date: September 30, 2019

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Locked in his dark cell, Greg lay awake in bed, turning the small cassette recorder over in his clammy hands, pressing the rewind and stop buttons to listen to the heavy click and spring-loaded clank that initiated and punctuated the faint whirring mechanics.

He knew well-enough no one was going to come looking for him–not while he was in-between jobs, living in a four-door pickup truck and had traveled to an undisclosed location without telling anyone. 

What brought him here was the idea of recording and producing an audio documentary of an abandoned building that was rumored to be part of a black site,a rumor that was circulated amongst truckers and drifters like himself; some exaggerated the sinister aspect of the place, detailing with morbid relish the methods of enhanced interrogation that were being developed or deployed there; others assumed the contrarian position and downplayed the horrors if not downright dismissed the whole story as hyperbole.

All the same, Greg did not expect there would be some truth to those rumors, that the building is not quite derelict as he had imagined. And that, thanks to a case of mistaken identity, he was now incarcerated there as an inmate.

He stopped rewinding the handheld device when he detected rustling and soft thumps coming from the ceiling vent–or thought he did, since the quirky nature of unidentified noise is that they usually cease whenever one stops to listen to them. 

Like a living body, no running building is without its small, unaccountable bumps and muffled clanks; yet even if they were mostly benign, at night, they’re magnified by the ever-present hush, and their unfamiliarity never fails to inflame the imagination of the sleepless newcomer.

Lesath: (Upsilon Scorpii) a star located in the "stinger" of the southern zodiac constellation of Scorpius, the scorpion. 

The name is said to have come from the Arabic word las’a: a poisonous bite or sting.

“Kherbash adroitly conjures an atmosphere of menacing uncertainty” — Kirkus Reviews

“Every page will leave you questioning what is true and what shapes reality, what hides in the dark and what hides in our own inner depths.” — J. Aislynn d'Merricksson, San Francisco Book Review



A. M. enjoys telling stories in one form or another. Born and raised in Dubai, she worked as a freelance graphic designer and art director for over ten years, during which her work was featured online and in print. Her writing desk doubles as her design studio, and when not working, she can either be found drawing, gaming, or reading.